Vortex OpenSplice Tester

The Vortex OpenSplice Tester Tool is a major leap forward in automated testing and debugging of Data Distribution Service (DDS) based systems. The 100% Java based Vortex OpenSplice Tester Tool is designed with the systems integrator in mind and offers an intuitive set of features to aid this task, offering both 'local' operation (where the tool is running on a deployed DDS-system) as well as 'remote' operation (where the tool connects over SOAP to a remotely deployed DDS-system).

OpenSplice Tester

Key Features

  • Automated testing of DDS-based systems
    • Dynamic discovery of DDS entities
    • Domain-Specific scripting Language (DSL) for test scenario's
    • Batch execution of regression tests
  • Debugging of distributed DDS system
    • One-click definition of a monitoring-time-line
    • Analysis/comparison of topics / instances and samples
    • Virtual topic-attributes to dramatically ease analysis
    • System-browser of DDS entities (app's / readers / writers)
    • Connectivity and QoS-conflict monitoring / detection
    • Statistics-monitoring of applications and services
  • Integrated IDE
    • Syntax highlighting editor, script-executor and Sample Logger
    • One-click relations between script, logs and timeline
    • Optional integration of message-interfaces with DDS interactions

The Vortex OpenSplice Tester Tool has the following characteristics:

  • 100% Java based
  • Remote-connection to target system (option)
  • Integrated charting capability
  • DDS-specific DSL alongside javascript, python or ruby

The Vortex OpenSplice Tester Tool is complementary to the Vortex OpenSplice Tuner Tool, in that the Tuner facilitates 'white-box' application monitoring and tuning (you can look 'inside' an application and monitor its behaviour and / or even change its Qualities of Service (QoS) parameters 'on-the-fly'). Whereas the Vortex OpenSplice Tester Tool provides 'black-box' system testing and debugging of DDS-based systems (it 'stimulates' a DDS-system by injection of information and can react-on / validate / display / chart the system's responses).