Vortex OpenSplice SecureRTNetworking

The Vortex OpenSplice Secure RTNetworking module enables a secure data distribution service (DDS) over untrusted networks. Fast and predictable networking between the nodes of the information backbone is an essential part of our solution; so is Information Assurance.

OpenSplice DDS Secure RTNetworkingThe Vortex OpenSplice Secure RTNetworking module is a pluggable service option that complements the advanced Real-time networking features by offering a dedicated crypto-channel per network distribution channel between nodes.

The Vortex OpenSplice Secure RTNetworking module extends the default "network scheduler" with configurable cryptographic protection per Network Channel implementing the following security properties:

  • Information exchanged between nodes of the Vortex OpenSplice-based information backbone over unsecure networks cannot be eavesdropped or modified without detection while in transit
  • Complete, reliable, and readily evaluatable separation between the area in which the information is processed in unencrypted form (RED, on the node) and the area to which critical (classified) information not permitted to flow in unencrypted form (BLACK, network), achieved by means of concentration and restriction of network connectivity to exactly one process on each node
  • Information of different classification is cryptographically separated while in transit between different nodes (resulting in stronger separation than labeling only, and no infiltration or exfiltration between different classifications while in transit)
  • Information received via the network can only be retrieved in its unencrypted (RED) form on nodes that
    • are accredited for the security level of this information and
    • host applications that have a need-to-know for the information
  • Authenticity of all information exchanged between nodes

This infrastructure DDS security solution ensures Information Assurance (IA) for all DDS-based cooperation and information exchange between the DDS nodes over untrusted communication infrastructures. The Secure Networking module allows the reliable separation of applications with different clearances deployed on different nodes in a way that ensures transparency to the applications, thus supporting full portability.
The Vortex OpenSplice Secure RTNetworking module is the first building block for a complete QoS-enabled IA solution offering end-to-end security between all applications (distributed or co-located), including mandatory access control for all data flowing between applications and detailed security audit of application interactions.

To download our DDS Security Configuration Guide, click here.