Vortex OpenSplice DDSI2E

DDSI2E is a pluggable service available as part of Vortex OpenSplice and is an enhanced version of the core DDSI2 interoperable-networking service. It offers determinism and scalability enhancements whilst preserving interoperability with other OMG DDSI Rev2.1 implementations  as well as supporting optional encryption of data.

OpenSplice DDSI2E interoperable networking service


  • Traffic Shaping: More determinism by allowing high-priority data to pre-empt low-priority data
  • Better scalability by allowing logical Data Distribution Service (DDS) partitions to be mapped onto physical networkPartitions (multicast-groups)
  • Better security by allowing data in logical DDS-partitions to be transparently encrypted by the middleware
  • Allows for discovery and communication between DDS participants that are not able to utilize UDP-based (multicast) communication

Key Features

  • DDSI2E brings the best RT-Networking features to the DDS interoperability protocol
  • DDSI2E offers priority-lanes, traffic-shaping, networkPartitions and encryption for DDSI
  • DDSI2E maintains full interoperability with other DDSI implementations
  • Latest version of Vortex OpenSplice v6.4 Extends existing/standardized DDSI discovery with unicast-locators for use with TCP/IP