Vortex OpenSplice RMI

Vortex OpenSplice RMI (Remote Method Invocation) extends the Publish / Subscribe (Pub / Sub) communication paradigm provided by the Data Distribution Service (DDS) with a high performance framework for defining distributed services and invoking requests over them.

The Vortex OpenSplice RMI framework takes advantage of key DDS features to seamlessly enable, along with traditional two-way invocations, asynchronous invocations, persistent one-way calls, and one-to-many invocations. In addition, the Quality of Service (QoS) provided by DDS can be used to control the QoS associated with individual services as well as with specific invocations.

OpenSplice RMI extends publish subscribe

RMI Example

  • An autonomous robot could be controlled via an RMI interface

OpenSplice RMI example distributed systems

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