Vortex Insight

Product Summary: 
Providing Real-time Operational and Situational Awareness for Internet of Things Systems

Vortex Insight Vortex Insight provides users with operational and situational awareness throughout the development, provisioning and deployment of a Vortex-based system.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce the time to identify the cause of problems in both a system under development or a deployed system
  • Reduce the need to send technical support engineers on site to identify problems in a deployed system
  • Monitor and manage a system from any location and on any device (with appropriate web browser support)
  • Monitor non functional properties of the system in order to optimize its performance
  • Provide real-time operational intelligence and visibility in a deployed system through detailed statistics and alerts

Key Features

  • Runtime view of a Vortex system including statistics associated with each system element
  • Configurable dashboard for monitoring including graphs and charts of statistics and resource usage
  • Graphical representation of system wide connectivity
  • Ability to change configuration properties and Qualities of Service (QoS) of Vortex applications, services and systems


  • The operational state, resource usage and key statistics of a Vortex system
  • Logical, physical and data-centric views of a system
  • View topics published and subscribed to by a participant
  • View readers and writers for each topic
  • View structure and connection between entities in a system
  • Real-time analysis of resource usage
    • Alerts triggered under user define conditions
    • Isolate participants, readers and writers that trigger conditions and visually drill down for detailed resource usage breakdown
  • Centralized logging capability (available in a future release of the tool)


  • Graphical display of connectivity between readers and writers
  • Graphical display of QoS policies used for matching a data reader and writer
  • Enables users to quickly identify and isolate QoS mismatches


  • Open architecture tooling framework and with documented REST API enables users to create custom supervisory tools and applications
  • Thin client Web-based GUI tool that runs on leading web browsers - Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera


  • Vortex Cloud
    • Migration of routes between routers
    • Instantiate, start and stop of routing and discovery services
  • Vortex Applications
    • Provides configuration of Vortex applications, services and system configuration properties
    • Configure, start, stop and (re-)configure middleware services
    • Enable and disable statistics and resource usage data collection
    • Selection of statistics and resource usage data to collect
    • On-the-fly modification of QoS properties for Vortex entities used by applications

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