Vortex DDS provides a unique ability to address the real-time data distribution requirements of large scale, complex transport management and connected vehicle systems.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing transportation by helping to deliver smarter, connected vehicles and transportation systems that are safer, more reliable, greener, cheaper and provide an improved passenger experience.

Transportation falls into three main segments all of which can benefit from the connectivity offered delivered by the Internet of Things:

  • Vehicles - this includes vehicle telematics, tracking and mobile communications with cars, trucks and trailers. Vehicle telematics then enables services like navigation, vehicle diagnostics and supply chain integration. Other vehicle-related areas include off-highway (e.g. agricultural and construction).
  • Non-Vehicular - this includes aircraft, trains, ships/boats and containers.
  • Transport Systems - this includes passenger information services, road pricing schemes, parking schemes and congestion charging, particularly in cities.

A common characteristic of transportation is that it needs to be able to cope with increasingly high volumes of data. It also has a strong requirement for scalable, performant real-time data delivery with extensive Quality of Service (QoS) properties.

The Vortex DDS product suite is an ideal solution to meet the transportation connectivity requirements of the IoT. Vortex uses as its underlying technology the Data Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems (DDS) standard and delivers a proven real-time data delivery and connectivity solution with extensive (over twenty) QoS. Vortex DDS enables real-time coordination of telemetry data with other sensor data to optimize complex rail, trucking and fleet operations. Vortex DDS is able to connect from the smallest edge device such as a parking sensor to the largest system of systems such as air traffic control and is able to deliver the right data to the right place at the right time all the time. With rich information, Vortex customers are able to deliver more goods and people on time at a lower cost: improving the quality of service and reducing supply chain costs.

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