Industrial Automation

Vortex DDS provides the integration, scalability and flexibility to support complex, highly sophisticated and distributed industrial automation control systems.

The industrial automation sector covers industrial asset monitoring and tracking, involving discrete monitoring of assets or devices to ensure uptime performance, version control, and location analysis for a wide range of factory processes.

These processes are mainly segmented as follows:

  • Fluid
  • Manufacturing - including vessels/tanks, fabrication, assembly / packaging
  • Distribution - including infrastructure/supply chain
  • Resource Automation - including agriculture, irrigation, mining, warehouses, factory and plant.

New Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies are making it easier to bring intelligence to machines. Intelligent software is making manufacturing more accurate and flexible. Processors that are powerful enough to handle real-time streams of sensor data and apply machine-learning algorithms are now cheap enough to be deployed widely on factory floors to support such functions such as machine-wear detection and nuanced quality control observation. Logistics tools are able to transmit real-time data on shipments and inventory between manufacturers, shippers and customers to reduce inventory costs. In this manner software running on an inexpensive processor, reading real-time data from inexpensive sensors can substitute for more expensive capital equipment and labor. Better understanding of maintenance needs means better allocation of equipment - since the timing of maintenance can be optimized if it is proactive rather than reactive - and workers can similarly avoid being idled or having their time absorbed in detecting maintenance needs.

Internet Protocol-based architectures are now finding their way into industrial plants and are bringing modularity to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems meaning that these systems are much more flexible and easier to update. Intelligent software can also interact with humans intuitively giving these workers access to powerful analytics and control systems.

The Vortex DDS product suite utilizes a proven implementation of the Object Management Group's (OMG) Data Distribution Service for Real-time Systems (DDS) standard to deliver a flexible, performant and highly scalable real-time data sharing solution for Industrial Automation.

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