Digital eXperiments as a Service (DXS)

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ADLINK DXS IoT Digital Experiments as a Service

Latest - ADLINK Launches IoT Digital eXperiments as-a-Service to alleviate high costs and risks.

DXS was conceived to address the challenges often faced when implementing Internet of Things (IoT) proof of concepts (POC). The DXS is a critical learning tool for a company building a new business model or business process leveraging the power of the Internet of Things. It tests both technology and business issues, enabling cross functional leadership to validate the effectiveness of a solution's design, strategy, organizational compatibility, and financial return. This is vital as IoT is fundamentally innovative not because of the technology, rather it makes a difference because of its ability to rearrange how value is created and captured.

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A digital experiment therefore does not focus solely on singular technical approaches; the experiment encourages cross capability innovation. It validates not only internal capabilities but also supporting partner ecosystem resources before committing to a full rollout across the business. Digital experiments combine existing things in new ways – and the more experiments you do, the more innovations you find.  

Successful experiments strengthen the confidence of stakeholders to make the investments needed for large-scale rollout. They often result in minimally viable products with detailed business value assessments and create new forms of revenue. The best experiments result in a detailed blueprint for transforming an area of your process, product, or industry value network.

But make no mistake – often unsuccessful experiments provide significant value. From uncovering design issues which would have resulted in dramatic cost-overruns, to shedding light on where NOT to invest further, each experiment creates an opportunity for organizational learning in the age of IoT.

Our engagements leverage technologies through all layers of the required hardware, software and network stacks to create viable, scalable, and secure IoT solutions.  Solutions span not only capabilities from ADLINK, but from partners throughout our IoT ecosystem.  

Key Features:

  • Phased, multi-tier, scaled approach to reduce risk
  • A subscription based model to avoid up-front capital outlays
  • Rapid evaluation
  • Straight forward replication, scale up and roll out

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