Software Communications Architecture (SCA) Operating Environment (OE)

The software components which provide for the management and execution of the Software Defined Radio (SDR) Software Communications Architecture (SCA) applications and devices comprise the SCA Operating Environment (OE). The SCA OE comprises an operating system, middleware, and the Core Framework interfaces and operations.

Operating System

The processing environment and the functions performed in the architecture impose differing constraints on the architecture. An SCA application environment profile (AEP) is defined to support portability of waveforms, scalability of the architecture, and commercial viability. POSIX specifications are used as a basis for this profile. The OE shall provide the functions and options designated as mandatory by the AEP B. The OE is not limited to providing the functions and options designated as mandatory by the profile. Implementations of the CORBA Object Request Broker (ORB), the CF Framework Control Interfaces, Framework Services Interfaces, and Base Device Interfaces are not limited to using the services designated as mandatory by the SCA AEP.

CORBA Middleware

Core Framework

The Spectra DTP Baseband and RF SDR Development and Test Platform provides a complete SCA OE. Spectra CF provides the smallest, fastest and most advanced COTS SCA Core Framework implementation available. PrismTech's Spectra CDB (Common Data Bus) provides COTS CORBA middleware products ideally suited to the Size Weight and Power (SWaP) requirements of the SCA and includes: Spectra ORB (C++ and C for GPP and DSP), Spectra Lightweight Services (Lightweight Event Service, Lightweight Naming Service, Lightweight Log Service) and Spectra ICO (IP CORE ORB for FPGAs).PrismTech can also provide a broad range of SCA Professional Services including Consultancy, Training and Workshops.

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