SCA Core Framework (CF)

The Software Communications Architecture (SCA) provides a common infrastructure for managing the software and hardware elements present in a system and ensuring that their requirements and capabilities are commensurate. The SCA accomplishes this function by defining a set of interfaces that isolate the system applications from the underlying hardware. This set of interfaces is referred to as the Core Framework of the SCA.

The SCA Core Framework is the essential set of open application-layer CORBA interfaces and services which provide an abstraction of the underlying system software and hardware. The Core Framework consists of:

  • Base Application Interfaces: Port, LifeCycle, TestableObject, PropertySet, PortSupplier, ResourceFactory, and Resource), which provide the management and control interfaces for all system software components.
  • Base Device Interfaces: Device, LoadableDevice, ExecutableDevice, and AggregateDevice, which allows the management and control of hardware devices within the system through their software interface,
  • Framework Control Interfaces: Application, ApplicationFactory, DomainManager, and DeviceManager, which control the instantiation, management, and destruction/removal of software from the system,
  • Framework Services Interfaces: File, FileSystem, and FileManager, that provide additional support functions and services.

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