Software Communications Architecture (SCA)

The Software Communications Architecture (SCA) plays a vital role within the Joint Program Executive Office (JPEO) Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) by standardizing the deployment, management, interconnection, and intercommunication of software application components in embedded, distributed computing communication systems. While the Software Communications Architecture SCA is published and maintained by the JPEO JTRS, it has received wide support and use from commercial developers and industry.

The Software Communications Architecture SCA is an open architecture framework that tells designers how elements of hardware and software are to operate in harmony within the JTRS. It governs the structure and operation of the JTRS, enabling programmable radios to load waveforms, run applications, and be networked into an integrated system. Design engineers use the Software Communications SCA definition document just as an architect or planner uses a local building code to design and build homes.

Through adherence to standards detailed in the Software Communications Architecture SCA definition document, both hardware and software designers know what equipment and programs to design. The Software Communications Architecture SCA does not tell designers how to design their equipment and programs. Thus, JTRS compliant radios and networked systems, when designed in compliance with the SCA, will meet JTRS standards for interoperability, just as properly designed plumbing or electrical systems meet local codes for construction and safety.

The Software Communications Architecture SCA has been structured to:

  • provide for portability of applications software between different SCA implementations,
  • leverage commercial standards to reduce development cost,
  • reduce software development time through the ability to reuse design modules,
  • build on evolving commercial frameworks and architectures.

The JPEO JTRS has also released Application Program Interfaces (APIs) which are a companion to the Software Communications Architecture SCA and define relationships and communication between radio waveform applications and the software defined radio set. Standardization of API’s within the JTRS program enhances portability and reusability of waveform and operating environment software.

Our Spectra product suite provides both Software Communications Architecture SCA development tools and a Software Communications Architecture SCA high-performance, low-overhead, core framework and middleware implementation that runs on any mix of GPP, DSP, and FPGA processor technologies.

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For an introduction to SCA Development, view the Spectra Quick Start SCA Development and Test Package video and slides.

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