We offer a full range of Software Defined Radio (SDR) and Software Communications Architecture (SCA) consultancy services covering both short and long-term engagements, from advisory services through to full-scale development projects, examples of which are:

  • Legacy waveform evaluation, modeling, and enhancement for compliance and porting,
  • Legacy platform services evaluation, modeling, and enhancement for compliance and porting,
  • Waveform portability testing,
  • Waveform and platform compliance analysis,
  • SDR standards knowledge,
  • Model-driven testing to verify compliance,
  • Technology-independent waveform design - allowing components to be readily ported to alternative platforms,
  • Abstracting functional waveform behavior from infrastructure - to ease migration across standards or versions of a standard,
  • Automating the generation of standards-specific SDR component infrastructure in the appropriate format (C++, C, VHDL) for the target platform (CF, RTOS, ORB),
  • Delivering an architecturally consistent approach to supporting SDR standards across device technologies (GPP, DSP, FPGA), RTOSs and ORBs.

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