Develop with Spectra CX4
Design and develop SCA4 component behavioral code using Model Driven Development (MDD).

Spectra CX4 provides developers with a complete model-based development environment that will significantly reduce the time to develop and maintain their components. Seamless integration with the Eclipse IDE allows developers to use their preferred tools for developing and managing source code that is linked to the model of the waveform.

  • MDD can be used throughout the waveform realization process
  • Component developers can work from a fully described application architecture
  • Complex components can be designed and implemented using Spectra CX
  • Integrated with Eclipse Team system and 3rd party Configuration Management solutions
  • Automatic linkage of the model and source code eliminates the need for manual synchronization
  • CDT integration allows developers to model and code using Spectra CX
  • Supports 3rd party design tools