Spectra is an extensive line of software products and services targeting Software Defined Radio (SDR) and Software Communications Architecture (SCA) OEMs, system integrators and independent software vendors.

Spectra Radio Services and Devices

SCA Components Implementing JTNC Application Programming Interfaces.


Complete COTS SDR SCA Solution.

Spectra CX

Software Defined Radio (SDR) Software Communications Architecture (SCA) 4.1 Modeling Tool

Spectra CX Options

Including Code Generators, Product Line Management and Build Configurations.

Spectra CF

Smallest, Fastest, Most Advanced COTS SCA Core Framework.

Spectra CDB

Fully Integrated and Optimized SDR SCA Middleware Stack.

Spectra DTP

Baseband and RF SDR Development and Test Platform.

Options Matrix

Spectra SDR Product Options Matrix.

Spectra Pricing

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Spectra CX

Spectra CX is a model-driven development tool that enables SCA and non-SCA radio and waveform software to be rapidly developed together, integrated early, and thoroughly tested – without requiring the radio target or 3rd party middleware. Spectra CX also allows radio platform details to be packaged and delivered to distributed independent development groups using the tools to hide platform complexities and IP as needed.

Spectra CF

Spectra Core Framework (CF) is a high-performance, ultra low footprint, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) implementation of the Software Communications Architecture (SCA) standard's Framework Control and Service Interfaces.

Spectra CDB

Spectra Common Data Bus (CDB) is a fully integrated and optimized Software Defined Radio (SDR) middleware stack. Spectra CDB runs across a wide range of General Purpose Processor (GPP), Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) processing elements. Spectra CDB includes Spectra ORB and Spectra IP Core ORB (ICO).

Please note that Spectra OE (Operating Environment) has been rebranded to Spectra CF and Spectra CDB. Spectra e*ORB has been rebranded to Spectra ORB and is available as part of Spectra CDB.

Spectra DTP

Spectra DTP4700 is a wideband, high-performance, baseband and RF SDR development and test platform that supports the implementation and deployment of the next-generation of complex waveforms required for military, homeland security and commercial SDRs. Spectra DTP4700 is an optimized small form-factor platform with low power consumption that enables the development, testing and deployment of waveforms.

Spectra Quick Start

The Spectra Quick Start SDR SCA Development and Test Package is a combination of Spectra products. It is a low cost, Linux based, COTS platform with full RF capability. The package is comprised of a set of software tools, middleware, demonstration waveform, and supporting documentation.