Satellite Communications

Satellite Communications systems are unique, in that one end of the communications link is inaccessible for hardware upgrades. This extreme difficulty in making hardware changes makes satellite communications an obvious candidate for Software Defined Radio (SDR) programmable/reconfigurable radio elements.

The overall increase in multimedia data traffic on communications networks spills over into all areas of data communications. Defense, enterprise, and mobile backhaul applications are examples of forces behind the growth in satellite data communications traffic, especially in emerging markets with rural areas not covered by fibre optic lines or backhaul resources.

Another strong growth trend involves the use of machine to machine (M2M) satellite communications applications such as geofencing, scientific monitoring, logistical tracking, etc.. A wide variety of M2M applications have emerged during the past two years and the shrinking size of embedded modems is currently enabling adoption in multiple new applications.

DSP and FPGA radio implementations have been common for over 15 years, such that most earth stations contain these programmable elements in the radio chain for modulation and encoding.

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