Spectra is an extensive line of software products and services targeting Software Defined Radio (SDR) and Software Communications Architecture (SCA).

NEW - Spectra CX4 SCA 4.1 Modeling Tool now available for evaluation download.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Faster SDR waveform development independent of radio platform
  • Higher productivity and quality from auto-generation of all SCA component and test code
  • Reduced time and expense for testing with tools supporting off target test
  • Lower customer and 3rd party waveform support costs with tools delivering full radio platform development environments
  • Rapid development of high performance, small form factor operating environments
  • Radio waveform development environments accelerating radio customer development efforts
Download Spectra Software Defiend Radio Evaluation

Professional Services

We provide a comprehensive range of Professional Services in support of our product offerings including:

  • Software Defined Radio Training


    We offer a complete suite of training courses on Software Defined Radio (SDR), Software Communications Architecture (SCA) and CORBA technologies, and their implementation using PrismTech's Spectra SDR products.

  • Software Defined Radio SDR Workshops


    Workshops consist of short assignments, usually bundled with a training session, in which one of our SDR experts analyzes with the customer, their specific project requirements, leading to recommendations summarized in a high-level design report.

  • Spectra SDR Support Services


    We offer customers a complete range of Spectra Support and Maintenance Programs to best fit their precise requirements, service level commitments and response times. 

  • Consultancy Software Defined Radio Software Communications Architecture


    We offer a full range of SDR and SCA consulting services covering both short and long-term engagements, from advisory services to full-scale development projects.

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