Contributing a Test Build

If you would like to help expand the list of supported platforms for the DDS Community Edition by providing additional platform build and test capability please see the instructions on contributing an automated build.

Reporting Bugs in DDS Community Edition

If you have identified a bug with  the DDS Community Edition please report it by following the process on this page.

Contributing to DDS Community Edition  Development

We welcome contributions from any member of the community who wish to help develop the DDS Community Edition by fixing bugs, contributing new features, or producing additional tests, examples, or documentation. By submitting comments, suggestions, code, code snippets, techniques (including that of usage) and algorithms (collectively "Submissions"), submitters acknowledge that they have the right to do so, that any such Submissions are given freely and unreservedly, and that they waive any claims to copyright or ownership. In addition, submitters acknowledge that any such Submission might become part of the copyright maintained on the overall body of code that comprises the DDS Commmunity Edition and Vortex OpenSplice DDS software. By making a Submission, submitters agree to these terms. Moreover, submitters acknowledge that the incorporation or modification of such Submissions is entirely at the discretion of the moderators of the DDS Community software project or their designees. In any of the below cases you will need to sign and return a contributor agreement document. Please see the section that deals with these below.

Fixing Reported Bugs with DDS Community Edition

If you are able to fix an existing bug that has been reported in our bug database then please follw the process outlined in the DDS Community Change Process.

Developing New Features, Examples, or Tests

If you have an idea for a change or improvement to the DDS Community implementation then please either contact the development team via the Customer Response Center to discuss it or make your proposal on the developer mailing list. Small to moderate sized changes will be handled under the DDS Community Change Process.

Joining the DDS Community Development Team

If you, or your organization, are considering making a major development contribution to the DDS Community project then you should contact the Customer Response Center to discuss this.

DDS Commmunity Contributor Agreements

Please download one of the below formats, sign, scan, and return to Alternately, you can e-mail that address for a postal direction.