Selex Communications

Industry Solutions Used:

  • Software Defined Radio

SELEX Communications Selects Spectra Tools for Software-Defined Radio Development

SELEX Communications is a global supplier of advanced communication solutions and information systems for government, civil and military applications

SELEX Communications to use Spectra Tools for the development and deployment of their software-defined radio (SDR) product line.

SELEX Communications is involved in the Italian program for SDR and also participates in international SDR programs such as MIDS and JTRS. The company’s R&D activities on SDR began in 2002 when a program funded by the Italian Ministry of Defense and SELEX Communications was established with the aim to develop an SDR family of products that would replace existing radios and run legacy and future waveforms.

Loris Schettino, Defence Communications Marketing Manager at SELEX Communications commented, "SELEX Communications is committed to the development of the full family of software-defined radio, both hardware and software, for aeronautical, naval, fixed and tactical platforms. What we were looking for, in relation to the functional components, was a solution that would allow our company to reduce the development time for single platforms. Spectra Tools were the solution that could best satisfy our requirements."