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Nexter Selects Vortex OpenSplice DDS Middleware for Next Generation Military Vehicles Architecture

Nexter has selected Vortex OpenSplice DDS as the middleware infrastructure at the heart of its next generation Military Vehicle Architecture demonstrator. The selection of Vortex OpenSplice DDS came after an in depth evaluation of the various Data Distribution Service (DDS) compliant implementations on the market against the key requirements imposed by Vetronics.

Nexter, a leading supplier of land defense systems for numerous armed forces, is using OpenSplice DDS as an enabling technology at the foundation of its next generation reconfigurable, multi-role, fault-resilient, maintainable, and cost effective vehicles.

Nexter and ourselves have jointly defined and implemented a number of DDS innovations that further the benefits and extend the applicability of DDS for military vehicles. These extensions have proven very effective during the development of the Nexter Integrated Modular Vetronics demonstrator, greatly speeding up the development and integration of the modules.