Industry Solutions Used:

  • Software Defined Radio

Indra Selects Spectra Tools for Software-Defined Radio Development

Indra is the leading Information Technology and Defense Systems company in Spain

Indras uses Spectra Tools for the development and deployment of Indra’s software-defined radio product lines.

Javier Herraez, SDR program manager at Indra commented, "After a lengthy and thorough evaluation of the enabling SDR technologies available, we decided to select Spectra tools due to their excellent ease-of-use combined with superior productivity for our SDR software developers. The auto-generation and inherent testing of 100% of the SCA infrastructure code by the Spectra Tools are particularly attractive. The fact that PrismTech offers an end-to-end solution for development and deployment also strongly influenced our decision. By using Spectra tools, Indra can focus its efforts in the development and integration of complete SDR systems, both terminals and waveforms, for our customers."

Indra will use Spectra Tools for a number of SDR programs, including TERSO, the first Spanish SDR terminal. Spectra Tools will be the SCA tool for the development of the TERSO Operating Environment and Waveforms.